Friday, February 4, 2011

Buena Vista Thrift Store, Livermore, Ca

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Address : 116 North L Street
Livermore, Ca 94550


Mondays - Saturdays 10am-5pm

Sunday – Closed

One late morning/early afternoon day, on the third of February, I decided to take a little drive to the one of the local Livermore thrift stores. The store that I visited this day was the Buena Vidas Youth Ranch Thrift Store. For this blog we will can it the Buena Vi. The goal of this visit was to find some sort of container to hold some money and change. The other reason for going to this thrift store was for checking out there selection of items to buy on the ½ off Saturday Sale.

This store is located in a peculiar place where not much is happening around it. There is a good taqueria right next to it. It is about 1 mile from downtown Livermore, half a mile from a bowling alley, which is near two other thrift stores. The first impression of Buena V. was it looks rundown very unorganized.

Size – 3

This store from first glance looks small, but its much bigger than it appears. There is a whole furniture section which you enter through a small hallway, and an outdoor section with all your sporting equipment needs.

Customer Service – 3

Most the people that work here are nice and older, but there is one cute looking lady my age. They are easy to bargain with if you but large amounts of items here.

Cleanliness – 1

I am confident that at nights rats invade this thrift store. They keep day old bread here for people to have which looks gross and my mom never to take any.

Item – 2.5

In all my visits to this store, the item selection seems sucky with random items. I did once buy all these candy machines here, which made it awesome.

Clothes – 2

They have a larger selection of women’s clothing but not much of a men’s and these sections are both small.

Furniture – 2

The furniture selection is small and not worth looking for anything here.

Books – 3

The books selection has many book but its hard to find them since they are not categorized in any specific order.

Kitchenware – 3

They have a nice selection of mugs, many varieties of glasses all shapes and sizes, and other kitchenware items.

The Death Factor – 1

I am confident that if a fire broke out I would die and see Jesus. This store has narrow rooms, and only 2 visible exits, which I would not want to be by if something crazy happened like an earthquake, fire, or tornado.

Unique Factoid:

A unique factoid about this Buena Vi is that every Saturday they are open (unless it’s a holiday) everything in the store is ½ off and if you buy many items they are willing to barter with you. They also serve free bread and other items for anyone to take.

Final Thoughts:

The Buena Vi is nice to go to every once in a while to see what selection of items they have. I go usually on Thursday or Friday and see if I want anything is worth buying on the ½ off sale on Saturdays. I did not find anything to buy this day, but I did find these unique looking picture frames that have neon yellow on the back.

Free Bagels anyone???

Little video of the store

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